You will find here some useful files for your project:


- You have to look for an appropiate job offer on the Internet

- Analyse the offer throughly. Write a report. You can use English or Spanish.

- Fill in an application form. (That's optional. Ask your teacher for instructions)

- Write a covering letter or a proper e-mail.

- Write your Curriculum Vitae / résumé

- Perform a job interview with one of your partners. (Write a good one before)

Some short job ads and a guide to analyse a job offer

Two more longer job offers found online

A job application form as example

Instructions about a good cover letter and some examples

Useful sentences when writing your covering letter or your e-mail

Akiko Tanaka is a Japanese girl. This is her covering letter

This is Akiko's CV

Find here another example of a CV this time written by a student at Beatriz de Suabia
some years ago

Three examples dealing wirth jobs interviews