This is a useful list of the most important verbs in the business field.
It doesn't include phrasal verbs which are also very common in business

Extra Vocabulary related to different job titles and the organigram in a company.

Notes about telephoning conversations

Notes about NUMBERS. Numbers in context.
How to use, write and pronounce numbers in context: dates, the time, scheduling, phone numbers,
money issues, prices, budgets, figures, percentages,...

Notes about E-mailing. E-mail etiquette and netiquette.
What you must and mustn't do when writing an email in the business field.

E-mailing useful vocabulary and terms

Business writing. Business Letters Format
Notes about how to write a business letter. mainly concerning its layout.

HOMEWORK ACTIVITY. Different busiiness letters whose information has been jumbled up.
Follow the teacher's instructitons to do the task.

Bodies of different types of business lletters. Proposal for a translation exercise.