The Ghost of Dodson Hall
During World War II, Sally leaves London and goes to live with Miss Dodson in a big old house in the country. One day, While Sally is exploring the house, she sees a girl and a boy. The girl says "Mee Lee" and then she disappears. Sally tries to learn more about the children, but according to Miss Dodson, there are no other children in the house. Sally sees tthe boy and the girl a few more times and realises that they are ghosts. One night, the children are in the bedroom. Sally is scared, but she decides to question them. The girl tells her they are looking for a locket, and then she disappears. Miss Dodson hears Sally shouting and she comes into the room. Sally tells her about the ghost children and the word "Mee Lee". Miss Dodson identifies the ghosts as her childhood friends, Tim and Nancy, because Mee Lee is what they call her. Miss Dodson has still got Nancy's locket. Many years before, Nancy broke it and Miss Dodson wanted to repair it for her. But Nancy and Tim died in a fire and Miss Dodson couldn't return the locket. Sally and Miss Dodson leave it on the kitchen table for Nancy to find. In the morning, the kitchen table was empty. Tim and Nancy never visit the house again.

The Priest Hole
Harry goes to study at a boarding school. Every night a priest comes into Harry's room and asks him to "Pray for the priest". Simon and Paul can't see the priest and think Harry is crazy. Soon, all the boys at the schol are laughing at Harry. One night, Harry argues with the priest. Simon and Paul hear Harry shouting. Then a prefect send the boys to the showers. When they return, the room is in a chaos and there is a message on the mirror: "I'm here! Why don't you help me?" According to Harry, the priest wrote it. The next morning Harry tells Mr Fields about the priest. Mr Fields believes Harry's story because he slept in the same room in the past, and also saw the priest. Simon, Harry and Paul move to another room and Mr Fields decides to turn their old room into a television room. Builders come to decorate it. The found a wooden panel under the wallpaper. There is a skeleton in the space behind the panel. Two forensic scientists examine the skeleton and they discover other spaces in the walls. The spaces are "priest holes" and the skeleton in he wall was probably once a priest. Mr Field decides to give the skeleton a Catholic funeral and Harry becomes famous in the house because he saw and spoke to a ghost.

Sarah's New House
Sarah and her parents move to a new house. Sarah finds the key to the attic inside a chest of drawers. In the attic, she finds many boxes and an old moirror, Inside a box there is a beautiful dress. She hold the dress in front of her and looks in the mirror. She sees a strange girl in the mirror with her. Sarah is frightened. The girl has got a cruel laugh. Sarah doesn't tell anybody about her. Later, Sarah visits Mr Ross. Mr Ross tells them about the house's story. His grandmother lived there for many years. She had a sister named Annie, and Annie died at the age of 14. Sarah returns to the new house and is shocked because Mrs Miller has put the mirror from the attic in Sarah's bedroom. Sarah sees Annie's ghost in the mirror and covers it with a blanket. She decides to go to the attic and talk to Annie. They argue. Annie is angry because Mr Ross sold the house to Sarah's parents. Suddenly, Sarah feels herself transformimg into Annie. Sarah is very frightened. Then, she hears her mother's voice and opens her eyes. She is in her bed in the old house. Sarah is happy because it was just a bad dream. But then her mother shows her a beautiful dress. She found it at the new house, in the attic!