05/05/10.- Notes about Modal Verbs.
Exercises for intermediate level students at http://www.autoenglish.org/modalverbs.htm.
Exercises for advanced students at http://www.englishpage.com/modals/interactivemodal1.htm
This Power Point Presentation could also be useful to understand Modal Verbs

26/04/10.- Unit 8 .Vocabulary related to CRIME

7/04/10.- Vocabulary UNIT 7. Acronyms and some worbs on new technologies.

07/03/10. This is a useful Power Point Presentation on REPORTED SPEECH that will help you.

21/02/10. Find in these websites a complete list related to our topic vocabulary in unit 6
Fruit and Vegetables
Herbs and Spices
At the restaurant

08/02/10. And now a task about Moby Dick. Let's do a revision on chapters 1 and 2. Click these links, answer the questions and send them:

Moby Dick Chapter 1
Moby Dick Chapter 2

Hello everybody!!

21/01/10 Task
This link will take you to a wed page with different and easy exercises. Choose those about Passive Voice
(If you like, after finishing each exercise, copy and paste it in a provisional Word file and then send it to yourself using your e-mail address.)
Exercise 1.- Change sentences from active to passive. Only Present and Past forms.
Exercise 2.- Write the verbs in brackets in the proper Pasive Tense: Present or Past.
Exercise 3.- Complete these passive sentences using the verb in brackets in the tense suggested.
Exercise 4.- Write passive sentences using the Direct Complement in the active sentence as Passive Subject in
the passive one.
Exercise 5.- Change the sentences from active to passive. Mixed tenses.
Exercise 6.- Complete these passive sentences using the verb in brackets in the tense suggested. Mixed tenses

If you need an online dictionary, use this link to Wordreference.
I also recommend this Irregular Verbs List in case you have to check forms or meanings.