Use these codes to correct usual mistakes in your compositions.

PAU. Correction criteria

More exercises to revise previous grammar points. I can correct them if you want me to.
TASKS for this week
- WB p. 9 exercises 4 and 7
- WB Vocabulary builder Unit 1 pages 2 and 3
- WB page 10
- SB pages 10, 11
- Tasks to be handed in to the teacher:
- Translate into English these sentences:
- SB page 11 . Bridge to Speaking.
- WB page 12. Extra Reading activities + list and translation of new words and expressions in the text
Deadline: Thursday 20th October

Exercises solutions

Download this Word file about Reporting Verbs and have a look at this ppt presentation about Reported Speech


Find here some useful sentences to be used in a job application letter