Welcome to this competition. Ángel, Antonio, Marina, Sofia and Bulnes have written compositions about the description of a monster. Choose one of them and try to draw that monster. Do it your best and don´t forget to use colours. The monster´s drawing that best matches its description will win a prize.
COME ON, YOU CAN BE THE WINNER!!!! ....and enjoy the pictures.
1.- Read the five descriptions.
2.- Choose the one you like best.
3.- Draw Your monster in a sheet of paper. Don't forget to write your name on it.
4.- Hand it to your English teacher. Deadline : Monday, March 2nd.

No 1.- Antonio's composition
My monster:
It is very big, It has got two heads, two necks, one eye, one mouth, two wings, four arms, four hands, a long tail, one leg, one foot and three toes.
I'ts orange and It's wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans.


No 2.- Bulnes's composition

..The MonsteRs!..<~O~>BuLneLeiToR!<~O~>

external image dibujos-monstruos-g.jpg Bulneleitor is very very tall and very strong.He is purple.He has got four long arms,eight legs,a nice face with twelve eyes, six ears, a great mouth with white teeth,a small nose, big eyebrows and a great moutache. He is wearing a blue cap, a green vest, denim trousers and boots. By: JoSe ManueL BuLneS CuenCa! 1°B external image fondos-pantalla-monstruos-sa.jpg

No 3.- Marina's Composition
Anny, the monster,has got one head
and one eye. she has got a big mouth
and pink hair.she has got a small nose.
she is very tall .she has got two legs
and two arms.she has got hands.
she has got four fingers.
she is wearing a purple t-shirt
and a green skirt.
she is blue.
she has got orange eyes

No 4.- Sofia 's Composition.-


Baddy,the monster
Baddy is taller than la Giralda. He is very fat and ha has got 10 mouths. He uses his own language. He has got a very big nose on his round face. His 8 eyes are small and his teeth are big. Baddy hasn´t got clothes because...where are there clothes for him? Now,he is eating a flat. Baddy is very nice, he is always happy.

No 5.- Ángel's Composition.-
This is my friend monster. His name is Ractus-X4. He is very small but he is very intelligent. He has got only one eye and his face is very ugly. He has got two hands and two legs. He is wearing trousers and a t-shirt. He hasn´t got hair or nose but he has got a mouth. He loves food and sports. He is a good monster.